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NATO Days in Ostrava, the Czech Republic, are the largest air, army and security event in Central Europe. The motto of the event is: “Our security is not given and there is no prosperity without security”, therefore the event’s aim is to present the wide spectrum of the resources and the capabilities of the Czech Republic and its allies in the field of security provision to the general public. NATO Days in Ostrava belong to a “club of prestigious European shows” and in spite of annually rising costs the public had, has and always is going to have free entry to the event.

The main programme, taking place at Ostrava Leos Janacek Airport consists of presentation of heavy military hardware, police and rescue equipment, dynamic displays of special forces’ training, flying displays and presentations of armaments, equipment and gear of individual units. This is the only event that brings the up-to-date technology used by soldiers, fire fighters, policemen, customs officers, the prison service, the municipal police and other elite units in one location. In addition to that, each year the organizers try to offer something really special. NATO Days in Ostrava consist also of meetings, presentations, workshops and seminars.

NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days, which are the most-visited two-day family event in the Czech Republic, are not only a show with an attractive programme. Besides that it is an important platform for explaining important security topic with unique opportunity to remind our rich traditions to the public.

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On the other hand they also present an important social event, which serves as a meeting point for representatives of private commercial sphere with representatives of the public sphere and local governments, top management of participants and partners of the event, important guests from political, commercial, academic, cultural, social or sports areas. Regular distinguished guests include representatives of the Czech government, NATO and the European Union, representatives of regions, cities and municipalities, ambassadors, military attachés, members of civilian and military delegations and other guest from the Czech Republic and in growing numbers also from foreign countries – especially from Europe and the United States of America.

Organizing the event, which takes pride in its 200,000 visitors marks, calls for a joint effort of hundreds of people. The safe journey to and from the event and safe stay is not possible without participation of the integrated rescue system’s components. The main organizers are the Jagello 2000 Association, the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, the Fire Rescue Brigade of the Moravian-Silesian Region, the Police of the Czech Republic, the Emergency Rescue Service of the Moravian-Silesian Region, and the Ostrava Leos Janacek Airport.

There are three events going on in the framework of the Weekend Show at Mošnov:

NATO DAYS IN OSTRAVA began their tradition in 2001. Originally, they were a regional public presentation of armed forces, police and rescuers and have since evolved into the largest air, military & security show in Central Europe. This reference has been proven not only by the increasing interest among foreign participants but above all by the sheer numbers of event's visitors.

CZECH AIR FORCE DAYS are the official event of the Czech Air Force which is held upon the decision of the Ministry of Defence simultaneously with and as part of NATO Days in Ostrava. Thanks to this connection, a new prestigious format of the show emerged, serving as important quality warranty especially for foreign participants. This joint endeavour encourages organisation of further international activities, as were the summit of the air force chiefs of the V4 countries, top-level bilateral meetings, conferences and other side-events during our show.

FLYIN - International Aviation Industry Exhibition FLYIN is a project we co-organize in the scope of our event. We see the FLYIN as a good opportunity to address requests and wishes of many aviation fans. At the same time, the exhibition is supporting development of Czech aviation industry and training, both having rich traditions in our country. Website of the exhibition

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