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Heli Czech Is Going to Give You a Ride in a Helicopter and Introduce a Cobra Helicopter

11.09.2013, 15:43

NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days are going to offer another premiere attractive dynamic show. AH-1S Cobra attack helicopter of the Heli Czech company is going to perform a display of attack flight and manoeuvring abilities.

 “Legendary Cobra attack helicopter will introduce itself for the first time at NATO Days in Ostrava and it is going to perform a dynamic display. We are very much looking forward to it and we thank the Heli Czech company for making it possible. Besides that the visitors will have a great chance to compare the Cobra’s display with a Mi-24’s display – the helicopter that was created in a reaction to the Cobra,” Zbyněk Pavlačík, the chairman of the Jagello 2000 Association, the main organizer of the show, says.

At NATO Days in Ostrava the Cobra will perform a dynamic display consisting of an assault part and a display of its manoeuvring abilities. “The assault part of the display is fairly simple, but demanding for the visitors – the helicopter is out of sight. It is a consequence of a different tactic from Mi-24, because Cobra’s weapons systems allowed it to attack from greater distance with zero speed and stay out of the actual battlezone. The dynamic display of its manoeuvring abilities is quite similar to that of Mi-24,” Jiří Podolský from the Heli Czech company says.

 “Our Cobra was made in 1977 and it has 5,250 flight hours. It is the only Cobra from serial production in Europe with a full history. During its service it underwent complete modernization and ended up as a training aircraft for U.S. Army trainee pilots of AH-64 Apache. It is interesting that our Cobra was also used in training of aerial combat with MiGs 15 and 17,” Jiří Podolský specifies.

The Heli Czech company offers a stylish way of transport to NATO Days in Ostrava – with R-44 Robinson and Bell 206B helicopters. “Our stylish helicopter transport to NATO Days in Ostrava allows the interested visitors enjoy a beautiful experience and comfortable avoid the traffic jams, which are inevitable part of this great show. The visitors of NATO Days can have a helicopter ride with Heli Czech’s helicopters right in the venue, because we will again offer sightseeing flight,” Jiří Podolský notes.

 TIP: More information about helicopter transport to NATO Days and also about the contest for a Cobra ride

Lucky visitors will have a chance to have a ride in the Cobra itself. “We have announced a contest about a helicopter flight from Hradec Králové to Mošnov (about an hour-long flight) on September 20 in the forenoon and then on September 22 in the evening back to Hradec Králové. The two winners will really enjoy the Cobra,” Jiří Podolský adds and notes that all the information can be found on

You can also buy a flight in R-44 for 3 persons for 29 000 CZK from Loděnice to Karlštejn and enjoy a FREE ride in the Cobra from NATO Days in Ostrava to LKZA (Zábřeh) airport. More at

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