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Spanish and Turkish Aerobatic Teams Have Arrived, AWACS and Mirage Won’t

19.09.2013, 13:15

We welcome the Spanish aerobatic team Patrulla ASPA and Turkish aerobatic team Turkish Stars at Mošnov Airport! With the arrival of the aerobatic teams we have also received unfortunate news about cancellation of NATO AWACS and French Mirage aircraft participations.

“The arrival of both aerobatic teams to Leoš Janáček Ostrava Airport means that NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days move to a hectic phase of final preparations. It is really pleasing to see these beautiful aircraft below the Ostrava sky after the whole year of preparations,” Zbyněk Pavlačík, the chairman of the organizing Jagello 2000 Association, says.

Helicopters EC 120 Colibri, which serves as an artistic tool for Spanish Patrulla ASPA, arrived on Tuesday of September 17 at half past four in spite of the bad weather. “With the arrival of ASPA the Mošnov Airport becomes the only one in Central Europe to ever host both Spanish teams Patrulla Águila with Casa C-101 Aviojet training aircrafts and helicopter team Patrulla ASPA,” Pavlačík adds. Turkish fighter jets of the Turkish Stars arrive on Wednesday shortly after midday and they performed a 10 minute long introduction to the terrain.

TIP: Photo gallery of the Patrulla ASPA arrival, photo gallery of the Turkish Stars arrival

“The Turkish Stars rehearsed their show today after eleven. Then, we expect most other arrivals on Fridays. When we know the exact times, we will let you know at our website in Arrivals/Departures section. The sought-for Ruslan is expected to land about 13:00 tomorrow,” Pavlačík notes.

“Unfortunately, French Mirage and NATO E-3A AWACS aircrafts are not going to appear at NATO Days in Ostrava. These participations have been cancelled due to operational reason at the last moment’s notice, which is unpleasant news for us; because the planes were confirmed for a long time and they always attract the visitors. This year is the first after many, in which the AWACS aircraft is not going to present itself,” Pavlačík adds.

We were trying to save the French Air Force’s participation thanks to fast actions of our ministry of defence, however unsuccessfully. “Unfortunately, due to the operational pressure, FAF had to cancel the flight to Ostrava. I am sorry for such kind of decision but 1 Mirage 2000 dedicated for Ostrava means 2 Mirages unavailable (1 leader and the spare) during the week end,“ Colonel Etienne Champeaux, military attaché of France for Poland and the Czech Republic, says and adds an image with comprehensive display of French operational deployment in this year.

“Due to logistical reasons it won’t be possible for the Swedish KC-130 tanker to park near the static display after its dynamic display, as was planned and as it was possible for example with B-25 Mitchell last year. Finally we can offer some positive news, that Polish Navy’s M28 Bryza is going to take part at the event, which will at least partially make up for the cancellations. Dynamic and flying displays will take place as we announced and we believe that NATO Days in Ostrava are still worth of your visit,” Pavlačík adds.

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