NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days

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Transport - by bicycle

The entrance to the NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days lies just next to the international bicycle route no. 5, that leads through the Poodří Preserve and also just next to the yellow hiking trail, that is also suitable for cyclists. Bicycle is therefore an ideal means of transport, because thanks to it you can avoid the expected complications on roads. When going through the Poodří Preserve, the cyclist can meet the members of the Poodří Preserve (CHKO) Guard of the Nature, whose task is to advice pedestrians and cyclists about how to behave in the preserve and provide them information about the preserve and also to respond to the travellers’ questions.

TIP: You can visit the Poodří Preserve on your way to NATO Days  (

Approximate distance to the venue

  • from Polanka 12 km / cca 40 min.
  • from Svinov 17 km / cca 60 min.
  • from Ostrava-Jih 18 km / cca 60 min.
  • from centre of Ostravy 25 km / cca 90 min.

There will be patrols of the Ostrava Municipal Police and they will also advice about the route and they can also provide basic medical help if needed. The Municipal Police will also operate two free bicycle storages at the event’s venue with capacity for 7 500 bicycle, in which the cyclists can securely lock their bicycles, so that they don’t have to walk with them all day. The bicycle storages will be situated near entrances no. 1 and 2.

Have a safe journey
to the NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Day and back!