NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days

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Transport - pedestrian

It is possible to get to NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days from two directions using marked hiking trails, both suitable for pedestrians and cyclists. In a part of the hiking trail between Studénka and Albrechtičky the members of the Poodří Preserve (CHKO) Guard of the Nature will be ready for the visitors. Their task is to advice pedestrians and cyclists about how to behave in the preserve and provide them information about the preserve and also to respond to the travellers’ questions. Do not hesitate to ask!


Tourist map of Mošnov airport’s surroundings (

If you plan to visit the Poodří Preserve during NATO Days, please keep in mind that you will be moving through naturally exceptionally rich area. Please respect the regulations effective in natural preserves – specifically a prohibition of entry with motor vehicles outside the roads, prohibition of making of fires and prohibition camping. Please behave considerably towards the nature. On behalf of the Preserve’s Administration we thank you and we wish much uninterrupted enjoyment!

Yellow trail:

A trail marked yellow leads from the trail crossroads near Studénka train station across another crossroads at Odérská lávka straight to the village of Albrechtičky (together with the blue marked trail). The trail is approx. 4 km long.

The yellow trail leads you through the Odra River valley across meadows to the Odra River, which you cross on so called Oderská lávka.
If you wish, you can digress from the planned trail and join the educational trail across the Kotvice natural reservation, which will give you information about this area and its value. You can watch water birds at ponds, a resting area for cormorants or heron nesting area. This trail to Nová Horka and then back to the Oderská lávka is 5 kilometres long.

Blue trail:

A trail marked blue leads from the direction of Ostrava from the Jistebník train station to the crossroads at Oderská lávka. From there on you can continue on the yellow trail to the village of Albrechtičky. The trail is approx. 10 kilometres long.

The blue trail leads around the Bažantula natural reservation and then around other ponds. You can watch water birds and water plants on the ponds’ surface. Then the trail leads away from the ponds to a so called Pásečný most and then across a meadow to the Oderská lávka and to the Albrechtičky village.

TIP: You can visit the Poodří Preserve on your way to NATO Days 

Have a safe journey
to the NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Day and back!